Development of Foundry Industry in Shandong Province


Instrument information network news, on July 27, 2019, Oxford instrument metal analysis Series Forum - Jinan Station was held in Sheraton Hotel, Jinan. More than 100 users from steel, non-ferrous metals, casting, machinery and other industries attended the forum. Mr. David Scott, general manager of Oxford instrument industry analysis department, Mr. Zhu Wei, sales manager of Asia Pacific region of Oxford instrument industry analysis department, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Secretary General of Shandong Foundry Association, Mr. Yuan Hongbing, general manager of Qingdao Zhicheng, Mr. Li Yunqiao, research fellow of China Academy of metrology, Professor Cheng Shusen of Beijing University of science and technology, deputy Li Hui, Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher and Director Wei Ni of Beijing Liebo laboratory accreditation technology exchange center attended the forum.

With the vigorous development of the domestic metal industry, in order to better promote the exchange of analysis and testing personnel in the industry, since July 2012, Oxford instruments will hold a series of metal analysis forums throughout the country to provide an effective exchange platform for metal analysis and testing personnel, and invite experts in the industry to bring wonderful reports to the majority of users. In order to thank the majority of Shandong users for their recognition and support of Oxford Instruments, the first stop of this series of forum activities is specially located in Jinan, Quancheng.

In this forum, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Secretary General of Shandong Foundry Association, made a detailed introduction to the participants on the development of Shandong Foundry Association.

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong first introduced the basic situation of Shandong Foundry Industry Association. Founded in 1991, Shandong Foundry Industry Association has 312 group member enterprises, including 270 casting production enterprises and 42 casting equipment and material supply enterprises. The annual production of castings by member enterprises accounts for more than 70% of the total output of the province. Shandong foundry industry association is committed to providing member units with comprehensive services of enterprise government, technology and economy and trade.

With regard to the development of the foundry industry in Shandong Province, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong said, "at present, the dominant position of the foundry industry in Shandong Province in the whole country is further strengthened, and the annual output of castings is basically the same as that of Jiangsu Province, which ranks first in China (more than 4 million tons). The annual output of castings is basically the same as that of internal combustion engine, crankshaft, piston plug, automobile chassis and brake parts, machine tool and engineering mechanical parts, malleable casting pipe fittings, vermicular graphite casting Iron products and other products have always maintained their own characteristics and advantages. Among the top 100 enterprises in China's foundry industry, there are 17 enterprises shortlisted in Shandong Province. "

"At present, the technological innovation ability of the foundry enterprises in Shandong Province has reached a new level, the product design ability and the market reaction speed have been greatly improved, and the detection means in the composition, structure and performance of the castings tend to be improved. There is no significant increase in foundry manufacturers and employees. Its development is mainly reflected in the technological improvement of enterprises, which greatly improves the level of technological equipment, thus driving the improvement of labor productivity and the continuous expansion of production scale. In addition, the industrial cluster and Foundry Industrial Park are taking shape, and the organization and product structure are further optimized. "

In addition, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong also briefly introduced the problems existing in the development of the foundry industry in Shandong Province, and introduced the future development focus of the foundry industry in Shandong Province, "relying on the national key construction projects, supporting and expanding the advantageous casting products such as automobile, internal combustion engine, machine tool and engineering machinery, encouraging enterprises to take the road of specialization, characteristics and scale development; expanding the international market Market, undertake foreign industries and capital transfer, strengthen strategic cooperation with large multinational enterprises, strengthen the support for enterprises, guide enterprises to take a specialized and characteristic development path, train a number of high value-added casting enterprises, consolidate and further expand the traditional export products such as brake disc, pipe, machine tool general mechanical casting, precision casting and non-ferrous alloy casting; increase Research and development investment, strengthen the research of basic technology and new materials, improve the product development and technological innovation ability of the enterprise; further improve the manufacturing level of mold, improve the construction of casting equipment and raw material supporting capacity; lengthen the industrial chain, actively promote the new technology of short casting process; develop nine industrial clusters, etc