The Characteristics of Metal Casting


Compared with sand casting, metal casting has the following characteristics:

1. The metal type can be used multiple times, and the pouring times can reach tens of thousands of times without damage, so that the working hours and a large amount of modeling materials can be saved;

2. The metal type has high processing precision, small cavity deformation and smooth cavity wall, so the casting shape is accurate, the dimensional precision is high, and the surface roughness value is small;

3. The metal type has rapid heat transfer, and the casting has a fast cooling rate, so the crystal grains are fine and the mechanical properties are good;

4. High productivity, no dust, and improved working conditions.

1. The design, manufacture, use and maintenance of the metal type are high and the production preparation time is long;

2. The metal type has no repellent and gas permeability, and the casting is prone to cracks.