Will Metal 3D printing replace traditional casting


The advantages of metal 3D printing are that it can form any complex shape, and the product strength is not weaker than the casting, and the dimensional accuracy is higher than the casting. However, at present, there are three defects in Metal 3D printing, which makes it impossible to replace casting in a short time.

1. Metal 3D printing is to smear and stack the metal powder layer by layer, and then use laser sintering, resulting in its slow printing speed (the higher the dimensional accuracy of the casting, the finer the layer, the more printing times, the longer the time). In this regard, the efficiency cannot be compared with the casting.

2. Metal 3D printer, with high cost at present, is also a major defect.

3. Metal 3D printers and spray products are frequently used in their working parts. In theory, their service life is not too long, and their reliability needs to be improved.

Therefore, at present, 3D metal printing process is popular in the development of new products (such as new product performance verification), with less investment, high efficiency, and it will take a long time to enter the mass production of metal parts!
Moreover, even if the metal 3D printing eventually replaces the traditional casting, the traditional casting industry can introduce metal printers, and the practitioners can transfer to 3D metal printing to carry out 3D modeling, process control and equipment maintenance required by 3D printing.